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Business Growth Summit For
Coaches, Consultants & Creators

Business Growth Summit For
Coaches, Consultants & Creators
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Launch Starts in Early March, 2023
(Live Event Dates: April 19th - 22nd, 2023)
Discover Simple Strategies To Build The Business of Your Dreams With Freedom, Purpose, and Satisfaction—Without the Years of Trial and Error, False Starts, and Feast or Famine Cycles
30+ Digital Marketing And Online Business Strategists Reveal The Secrets to Package, Market, And Sell So That You Can Escape The Grind
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4 Days, 30+ Expert World-Class Speakers
A high-impact event hosted by Amy Greene-Dittz and Brandon McPeak, owners of a boutique digital agency serving coaches and info entrepreneurs. Featuring speakers like web designer Michelle Martello, agency owner Brandi Bernoskie, business finance coach Craig Dacy, sales expert Bimal Shah, and many more. 
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* Right now, we're in production mode. All summit session interviews will be pre-recorded by the end of January, 2023. Public registration will open in early March 2023 and attendees will be able to get early and lifetime access to all session and bonus content for a small fee at that time.

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Here's What You'll Learn
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...From  Our World-Class Experts In Their Sessions!

Tools of the Trade: Creating Workbooks, Tools & Methods for Reliable Client Results

Many coaches trade time for money, selling hourly or time-based packages without clear processes or promises. And these don't deliver clients (or you) the outcomes you want. Learn how to craft offers that deliver outstanding results, are easy to deliver, and command outsized value for your time.

Don't Get Burned on Web Design & Marketing That Doesn't Produce Results

Say “goodbye” to inconsistent and amateur coaching materials. And say “heck yeah" to gorgeous worksheets and elegant tools that keep your clients engaged, focused, and on the fast track toward their goals. Learn to create on-brand, high-impact workbooks, forms, and more—without hiring a designer.

Atomic Team: Low-Risk, Low-Cost Delegation with Virtual Assistants

Sooner or later, most coaches will need some professional help with their marketing and website. But many don't know where to start looking for trustworthy and effective help. We'll uncover how to identify and articulate exactly what you need from a pro, the key questions to always ask, and where to source solid pros.

Growth-Driven Branding That Moves the Needle and is Authentic to You

Branding is one of the most difficult aspects of marketing for non-marketers to wrap their brains around. Pro tip: your brand isn't your logo. Learn the essential elements of branding and how to find your voice and vibe in 5 simple steps.

Growth-Driven Branding That Moves the Needle and is Authentic to You

Branding is one of the most difficult aspects of marketing for non-marketers to wrap their brains around. Pro tip: your brand isn't your logo. Learn the essential elements of branding and how to find your voice and vibe in just 5 simple steps.

Fast Track Framework & Key Questions to Launch a Stellar Coaching Business

The path to a high-profit, high-impact coaching business can be winding, full of switchbacks and dead ends. There are shortcuts if you know where to look. Get an unfair advantage with a checklist of key steps and questions to get up to speed FAST.

Deflect Tire Kickers and Attract Clients That Value Your Time and Expertise

Who doesn't love a sales call with a looky-loo with a million questions but no resources to move forward? Learn the 10-step process to deflect time-wasters while attracting and landing clients with strong intent and money to spend, without giving away your expertise for free.

Design Hacks for the Non-Designer (and Tech Challenged) for Visuals That Sell

You marvel at the well-designed marketing materials your colleagues and mentors use but don't have the first clue how to pull off a similar feat. Learn the 3 amateur-friendly design tools and 5 essential tricks to create stunning visuals, quickly and easily—no creativity required.

The Simple Formula Attract a Consistent Flow Of The Right Coaching Clients

You're getting clear on who you serve. You're ready to go after them hard. But you can't be everywhere online. You need to find where your dream clients are and meet them there. We'll share a proven framework to generate steady demand fast.

Models to Create Predictable Coaching Revenue And Make Money While You Sleep

You're curious how to grow your coaching business beyond 1-on-1 engagements but don't know how to choose among all the options... Online courses, memberships, group coaching, masterminds, communities. What's right for you? We'll map out the terrain and chart your course from wheel-spinning in the mud to coasting along the high road with the top down.

Proven Pricing Models To Land (and Retain) the Best Coaching Clients

Bad pricing models and confusing or inflexible payment options keep the best coaching clients at bay. Elegant pricing and easy payment options will draw in and keep the best ones coming back. We'll pull back the curtain on the most proven pricing approaches to make sales and retention effortless.

Systematize: Banish Stress & Streamline Your Business So You Can Focus on Coaching

Juggling client work building your business from the ground up piece by piece can be pure chaos. It's the classic challenge of too much time working in your business, not enough time to work on it. We'll break down 5 key ways to systematize and streamline so you can banish the nightmare and make way for the business of your dreams.

Go PRO: Photo Tricks to Land More High-End Clients through Your Site & Social Media

People still judge a book by its cover. We'll pull back the curtain on the good, the bad, and the ugly of: paid photographers, finding images online, and doing it yourself. Discover the best resources, key shots, and essential tools to project a powerful image online.

Look Like A Coaching Rockstar: Get ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews & Testimonials Fast

You need great social proof to land great gigs. But you need successful gigs to get great proof. We'll show you how to land testimonials fast and how to keep the reviews and endorsements coming as you grow your coaching empire.

Taking The Email List (and Authority) Fast-Track with Virtual Summits

Getting traffic and growing an email audience has only gotten harder and slower. We'll uncover one of the fastest modern list growth methods: a virtual summit like this one. Find speaking opportunities or host your own for explosive growth, practically overnight.

Online Ad Secrets: Paying for the Right Audience the Right Way at the Right Time

Stop throwing your money in the black hole of Facebook (or sitting on the sidelines afraid to waste the dollars) and start moving the needle with hyper targeted ads, the right offers, and landing pages that convert. We'll demystify the secrets of high-performance agencies so you can wield this superpower too.

Free Traffic without The Time Suck (Showdown: SEO vs. Social Media)

Get off the hamster wheel! Most people playing the social media game or going after Google's top spots spend too much time for little to no results. We'll reveal how to reliably get momentum with the right organic tactics. Turn a trickle of traffic into a steady stream that keeps on flowing.

Craft a Site That Attracts & Converts The Best Clients (That Won't Break The Bank)

You need a great site that converts clients, no matter where they come from. That's table stakes. But hiring a pro who can pull it off is out of reach for many. Here's a secret: you don't need to hire, if you know where to start and what essentials to include. We'll share the fast and easy tools of the trade for DIY sites that convert.

Five 7-Figure Coaching Niches You Can Tap Into Today (and How to Find the Right One for YOU)

Until you know who you best serve and can tell them how and why, prospects will be lukewarm to your message. And the ones who say yes won't be the gold-star ones. As the saying goes, "the niche will make you rich". Learn a step-by-step process to uncover your ideal niche and quickly climb your way to the top.

Out of the Wilderness: Build Community with Other Coaches to Grow Faster

Solo entrepreneurship doesn't have to mean going it alone. You can find peers to bounce ideas, learn with, take inspiration, and help you stay motivated. Uncover the right places to connect with a tribe of fellow coaches so you can go farther, with friends.

What to Say and Do to Close More Sales On The First Call

You're a coach who delivers. Clients love you. Prospects want to buy when you manage to get them on a call. But there are so many steps from schedule to call to close. It CAN be easier. Learn 3 simple steps and a few essential tools to get more of the right prospects scheduled and close them on the first call.

How To Write Great Copy That Converts Even If You're Terrible At Writing

Copy is the key to marketing success. And we'll tell you a little secret: you can be "bad with words" and still be a great copywriter. Learn the one basic formula you need to craft any type of copy plus some simple tips and tricks to plan and punch up your words to make prospects throw money at you.

Leveraged Coaching: The Best Ways To Scale Beyond One-on-One Sessions

Almost every coach or consultant's journey to traction and success starts 1-on-1 with clients—and that doesn't scale. We'll cover the 2 best tried-and-true approaches to grow beyond these, including how to decide between, how to price, and how to use them for the next step in scaling your business.

The 2-Page Funnel Every Coach Needs to Capture and Close More Leads

Most sales funnels fail because they're too complicated. We'll put the fun back in funnels, revealing the dead-simple, 2-step approach every coach needs to turn more website visitors into leads who will become some of your best clients.

The "Paint by Numbers" Method to Craft Stories That Mesmerize and Sell

Most entrepreneurs take the struggling artist approach to copy. Blank page. Glass of something stiff. Slog through the words. The best copywriters use easy-to-follow templates to consistently craft copy that sells. We'll share the playbook. Start to write great copy, even if you suck at writing (and actually enjoy the process).

Coaching with Purpose: Making 6+ Figures as a Coach with a Meaningful Mission

You're out to serve people. We get that! And you're struggling with a common doubt. Purpose, passion, and prosperity—can you have them all? Yes, you can do good, enjoy what you do, and make great money for it. We'll challenge limiting beliefs and outline steps to find your way to this elusive state of career harmony.

Tough Talks: A Guide for Handling Bad Clients and Slow-Payers

Whether you're a consultant, a coach, or an aspiring service provider, it's unavoidable: nightmare clients. The nightmare can stop! We'll help you deal with bad clients from the needy to no-show to never-pays-on-time (and teach you to spot them before you take them on).

3 Places You're Leaving Money on the Table and How to Get It Into Your Pocket

Profits are built from the money other businesses are leaving on the table. And business dreams die when they give time and value without receiving their due in return. We'll explore 3 places coaches leave money on the table and how to get it into your bank account.

Easy Accountability: Get Commitment, Motivate Action, and Produce Results

Delivering coaching results means holding people accountable. That's scary, and not exactly the most fun. We'll uncover easy and powerful methods to keep clients accountable (without chasing, hand-holding, or prodding).

Stop Spinning Your Wheels: How to Focus on the Right Things in Your Business

You're committed and hard working but the truth is, work alone won't get you there. You have to work on the right things in the right order. Discover a simple method and a few "ah-ha!" tips to figure out where and how to focus so you can get traction on the road to success.

Simplify for Success: Sell & Retain More Clients and Finally Get Paid What You're Worth

Stop offering too much for too little! Almost every coach falls into that trap when they start. We'll unveil secrets to creating simple offers and sales systems that unlock predictable revenue and steady—or runaway!—growth.

Effortless Automation: Simple Formula for Capturing and Converting Coaching Leads

Email is the holy grail of online marketing. Done right, you can grow the business of your dreams while putting your marketing on autopilot. Discover an end-to-end game plan to stop the "lead leak", from email capture, to automation, to closing the deal.

The 3 Fastest Strategies to Grow Your List (and Fill It with Your Dream Clients)

The biggest challenge to unlock the holy grail of email marketing... Growing your list. It can take years of trial and error to build one. We'll highlight the 3 fastest-growth strategies and give you a checklist of must-have conversion tools and tactics. Grow your own personal marketing platform, right in your audience's inbox.

The Ultimate Video Pitch: Tap into Your Charisma for A Client-Wooing Video

Video sells. We all know it. Prospective clients want to see and get a feel for you. But you're no Hollywood writer and you know you can't wing it. We'll show you a simple script for the ultimate pitch video, no writing chops or fancy video editing skills needed.
We've Left Nothing Out Of This High-Impact Learning Experience!  
Meet Your Summit Hosts
Mitch Russo, Amy Greene-Dittz, Brandon McPeak
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Mitch Russo is a coaching expert, serial entrepreneur, the host of two popular podcasts, and the author of several books including his latest book "Coach Elevation". He sold his first software business for 8 figures, build a $25M business with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes, and is the founder of coaching software company, focused on helping coaches make their clients more product with goal tracking and accountability. He was nominated twice for Inc Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year.

Together, Amy and Brandon are the co-founders of xAscent, an agency and online education company helping coaches, consultants, and other clients experience breakout business success. Through their agency and programs, Brandon and Amy help entrepreneurs increase their impact and revenue. They specialize in ROI-focused branding, websites, online program and course offerings, virtual events, email marketing, automation systems, and much more.
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